Rotating Joint Wrist Unit WU Series

Ideal for reducing the cost of equipment

Diagonal approaches and tip swiveling, possible until now only with vertically articulated robots, can now be performed with the minimum required axis configuration.
Ideal for reducing the cost of equipment.

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SMAC is Great For Tensioning Applications Such As

SMAC is Great For Tensioning Applications Such As:

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Winding
  • Foil Winding
  • Thread Winding
  • Guiding
SMAC easily replaces low friction pneumatic cylinders that have inconsistent force throughput.

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Battery Manufacturing with SMAC
SMAC Moving Coil Actuators are cost-effective, programmable actuators that have been applied to tensioning applications requiring smooth & consistent force control over the entire stroke. SMAC actuators can be programmed to act as an electric linear or non-linear spring. This has proven to be an excellent choice for battery pack winding machines where the manufacturer is concerned with rapid and accurate production of a high quality product.

SMAC excels at force control which is the key for tensioning applications. The force is programmable and can be set to be linear throughout the entire stroke acting like a linear spring, or can be set to act as having a spring rate over the entire stroke. The flexibility in having this adjustability on the fly allows the user to alter the tension control as the winding diameter changes so that the user can optimize the performance of the product they are manufacturing. Force resolution of 10 grams can be maintained over the entire stroke range. This programmability of force control over the full stroke, with a response time well exceeding 10x faster than our closest competitor makes SMAC actuators an excellent fit in tension control applications over low friction pneumatics and other commonly used solutions.

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SMAC Solutions – Not Components:

  • All electric solution (no air required)
  • Zero maintenance
  • Programmable force, positon, velocity
  • Programmable Soft-Land feature allows the detection of a surface on the fly when the surface needs to be found / recognized for other parts of the process.
  • Ultralow friction, eliminating stiction challenges that pneumatics present.
  • Flexibility to program linear or nonlinear forces, as required by the user.
  • Low moving mass = low inertia = ~10 grams force resolution open loop.

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mk North America Announces Launch of Two New Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors

Conveyor system manufacturer mk North America is announcing the introduction of two new modular plastic conveyor systems, the KFM-P 2040 incline conveyor and KMF-P 2040 curved conveyor, to their aluminum conveyor offerings, as well as the relaunch of the existing MBF-P 2040 system.

mk North America, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of industrial conveyor solutions, is announcing the launch of two new modular plastic belt conveyor systems, the KMF-P 2040 and KFM-P 2040.

Designed to complement a variety of industrial applications with the utmost flexibility and functionality, these systems are made with mk’s patented aluminum extrusion framing. The belts for these systems are made with interlocking plastic segments, as opposed to traditional fabric belting, for increased wear-resistance and load capacities. Modular plastic belts are also positively driven, which makes them easier to track than traditional synthetic belts.

For applications where a curved conveyor is required, to save space or carry product around corners, the new KMF-P 2040 modular plastic belt conveyor offers 90° and 45° curved configurations (with 180° possible). The KMF-P 2040 boasts a usable width of just 30 millimeters less the outside frame width, making it among the most streamlined conveyors of its class in the marketplace. Additionally, curved sections for the KMF-P 2040 are made with solid pieces of bent aluminum extrusion, a feature not offered by mk’s competitors.

Where inclines or declines are needed, to match a production line or provide ergonomic support to employees for example, the new KFM-P 2040 inclined modular plastic belt conveyor offers belt bends of 30°, 45°, and 60° of off a horizontal system. Guided in PE-1000 wear strips, the KFM-P 2040’s modular belt is particularly useful in applications such as applications such as transporting slugs or molded plastic parts, light punched parts, or pre-packaged food products.

“At mk North America, we are very excited about the addition of these two new conveyor platforms,” says mk’s Marketing Manager, Kate Nadeau. “For years we have been building these units as custom designs. With the introduction of these standard platforms we are able to continue offering a great solution to our customers, but now at a reduced cost and lead-time; due to the standardization of parts, materials and design features.”

One of mk’s flagship modular plastic belt conveyors, the MBF-P 2040, is also being relaunched by mk North America with an improved design that increases versatility and functionality. The new MBF-P 2040.02 boasts an improved load capacity of up to 1,000 pounds, speed of up to 200 feet per minute, and a potential conveyor width of between 80 and 3,000 mm. The modular plastic belt is positively driven, which reduces tracking difficulties in particular situations. These improvements represent the most significant redesign of the MBF-P 2040 after 15 years among mk North America’s offerings.

With the introduction of these new systems, mk North America’s aluminum conveyor offerings are now capable of providing solutions for a wider range of applications than any time in the company’s history. Potential applications include food processing and handling, packaging, manufacturing, machine building, general industry, and many others.

About mk North America:

Originally founded in 1988, mk North America, Inc. first gained notoriety and recognition for its innovative Aluminum Framing System. As the needs of its valued customers continued to expand, the company was able to expand its product offerings at the same time and today produces a wide range of innovative, high-quality components and systems for manufacturing companies and machine builders. The company’s original Aluminum Framing System still serves as the base technology in all of the solutions mk brings to market.

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Accumulating Pallet Recirculation

Linking. Feeding. Buffering.

Built by mk North America – one of the leading suppliers of mechanical components, modules and turnkey solutions for factory automation. The mk SPU 2040 is an accumulating pallet recirculation system which offers you cost-effective linking, feeding, buffering, positioning and separating of workpieces in the smallest possible space. The robustness and the variety of configurations of the system allows it to be used in practically all areas of automation and material flow.


Automatic recirculation of pallets using a flat top chain conveyor the workpieces on the pallets are loaded on the upper transport level. After removal of the workpieces the empty pallets are safely carried over the return roller and then conveyed back on the underside of the conveyor. They are then once again available at the starting point of the conveyor waiting to be loaded with new workpieces. A second conveying level and devices for lifting and lowering are no longer required. Neither is any additional manual or automated loading of pallets necessary.

For more information on the SPU 2040 contact any one of the team members @ Blettner Engineering or by calling 317-862-9580.


Visit mk North America at Automate 2017

mk North America - Automate 2017

mk North America is proud to announce that they will be exhibiting at Automate 2017 from April 03 through April 06 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

With well over 325 exhibitors and nearly 20,000 attendees expected, Automate is the largest solutions-based automation showcase in North America. Automate features the latest technologies from major robotics, vision, motion control and system integrator companies from around the world!

The Automate show is free for attendees and is also co-located with the ProMat show.

mk will be featuring a variety of conveyors including our VersaMove over-under pallet-handling system as well as a variety of our aluminum conveyors solutions. mk will also be releasing a new conveyor product offering at Automate – please visit for sneak-peeks.

Visit mk North America at booth #863 at the Automate 2017 Show!






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